life ruiners (。♥‿♥。)
'Cute as a button every single one of you'




harry helping set up for gemma’s wedding, ‘no guys the table spread specifically calls for both a salad AND a dinner fork!’, and he hears this voice behind him saying, ‘just as meticulous as ever’, and he turns and there’s his ex-boyfriend louis, the one that dumped him a little over a year ago, the one who had said ‘we’re better apart’, ‘i can’t love you the way i really want to - not where i’m at right now’, the one that harry had thought was /the/ one, they’d been together for 3 years and the breakup had left him feeling hopeless and idiotic, of course he wasn’t meant for some great lasting love, of course he’d wanted too much, pushed too hard, he’d driven them apart, but here louis is, standing in the ballroom that’s all set for his sister’s wedding half dressed in a suit with his tie undone, eyes glittering as they look harry up and down, and fuck if harry isn’t taken off guard and pissed, ‘what are you doing here?’, ‘suppose the groom’s best man has to make an appearance doesn’t he?’, getting-back-together shenanigans ensue, (nO BUT I REALLY NEED THIS LIKE ANGSTY PAST STUFF AND THEY JUST WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO STAY AWAY FROM ONE ANOTHER FUCK), (PLUS THEM GETTING HEATED AND LOUIS JUST PUSHING HIM DOWN ONTO ONE OF THE GARDEN BENCHES OUTSIDE AND SITTING IN HIS LAP AND KISSING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM), (WHISPERING SHIT LIKE ‘NEVER STOPPED WANTING YOU’ AND/OR ‘MISSED YOU EVERY DAY’), (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ‘NEVER STOPPED LOVING YOU’), (via tummyhand)





imagine feeling zayn’s beard between your legs

why would I want perrie between my legs ya allah have mercy on my soul



[The song] feels slightly more serious for us and, uh, yeah. I think it’s an important song.


 “i love u more than free wifi" x

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